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Eagles vs. Giants: Can Philly Continue Recent Success Over Rivals?

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The Eagles have been a bogey team for the Super Bowl Champion Giants in recent seasons

Patrick McDermott - Getty Images

In the past several years, the Giants have won a pair of Super Bowls, a couple NFC East titles & become the Patriots' kryptonite. However, they failed to do one thing. Beat the Eagles.

Philadelphia has won 6 of the past 7 meetings with the Giants, with several coming in late or bizarre fashion. Obviously the most notorious for Giants fans is the "Miracle At The New Meadowlands" when the Eagles trailed by 21 points with about 7 minutes to go and came back for stunning win.

Let us just stop and re-live that for a moment...

Ahh... that was nice.

Then of course there was last season, when Michael Vick got hurt and the Birds traveled up 95 with Vince Young as their starter. We were all expecting to get crushed, but after a lackluster game where he threw 3 picks, Young leads the Eagles on 80-yard, 18-play drive that culminates in an 8-yard game winning touchdown pass to Riley Cooper. The Eagles D allowed just 29 yards rushing in that game.

So while the Giants played fantastic last week and the Eagles played abysmally... History suggests that it just doesn't matter. The Giants shut down Tom Brady & Aaron Rodgers last season, but they couldn't stop Vince Young. That's what happens in these Giants vs Eagles rivalry games. And recently, the Eagles have come out top.

Andy Reid is 16-13 all time against the Giants, while Tom Coughlin is just 9-11

So what is your level of confidence as the Giants come to the Linc this Sunday?