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The Linc - A Shiny New BGN

We debuted a brand new version of BGN today. What do you think?

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Philadelphia Eagles: It Feels Like 0-3 - SB Nation Philly
@FakeWIPCaller on why the Eagles don't feel like a first-place team. Also, his reaction to the news that Donovan McNabb will be doing local TV.

With all-or-nothing Eagles, disasters happen
The Eagles are built with explosive players, which lends itself to unavoidable disasters. The good news: it's still really early.

Rich Hofmann: Eagles must run to keep the blitz off Vick
MICHAEL VICK dropped back to pass 46 times against the Arizona Cardinals, and the Cardinals blitzed him 24 times. That is 52 percent of the time; in other words, a ton.

Vick, Foles all of a sudden a hot topic in Philadelphia | National Football Post
Andy Reid gives 2 different answers on quarterback situation

Ref Rage: Seahawks stun Pack on final play, 14-12
Just when the anger and complaints from a weekend of contempt toward replacement officials couldn't get any hotter, a disputed call trumps it all.

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