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Reid on Vick: "We'll Evaluate As We Go"

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It was not the start of a quarterback controversy, but it certainly was not slamming the door on one.

Coming off of yesterday's 27-6 beat down from the Cardinals, Andy Reid was asked about whether or not he is considering a quarterback change.

"Right now we're with Michael," said Reid. "That's what we're doing. We'll evaluate it as we go."

Given how careful Reid is with what he says and the lengths he goes to in protecting his players, that was not exactly a ringing endorsement of Vick.

It should also be noted that Reid did not say that Vick was the main reason for the problems on offense yesterday, and did not blame Vick when he was asked time and time again if his quarterback needs to get the ball out quicker. Reid was sure to spread the blame amongst everyone- Vick, the coaches, and the offensive line.

Does Reid saying "we'll evaluate things as we go" mean that Vick is on the hot seat? There is no doubt that Vick has not been playing great- his interceptions and fumbles are one of the main reasons the Eagles have lost one game and almost lost two more. Still, Vick has led the Eagles to come from behind wins- which makes it unlikely Reid is ready to pull the plug on Vick- or even considering it. The Eagles are still 2-1 and tied for the division lead- not exactly a textbook time to change quarterbacks.

Yes, Vick has been careless with the ball, but given the pressure he has been under, it's hard to imagine that Reid thinks Nick Foles could do any better.

It's fair to ask tho- how much could Reid's job security play into this? Jeffery Lurie was clear in saying that 8-8 will not be good enough. If Reid see's Vick not getting him to 8 wins, would he pull the plug and risk his job on Foles? It also calls into question the true reasoning behind Reid closing practices to the media- could Foles be getting snaps with the 1st team offense?

Obviously this is all speculation, but by Reid not slamming the door on a possible change, that is exactly what he called for- speculation.

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