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The Linc - Michael Vick Punished In Loss


How long can Vick survive this?
During a game where very little went right, in any phase, Vick was pulverized by the Cardinals’ impressive defense. If the Eagles’ quarterback wasn’t hit 20 times during the Eagles’ 27-6 defeat, the number was in that black-and-blue neighborhood. And if he survived this day, and he did, he cannot survive many more.

Vick can't keep getting hit like this
Michael Vick no stranger to getting hit, but if he keeps taking this kind of punishment, he's not going to make through the year.

Paul Domowitch's Report Card on Eagles-Cardinals Game
Hey, the run defense was good! So there's that.

Plan For Nnamdi To Shadow Fitzgerald Aborted | Birds 24/7
Three different cornerbacks — Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Brandon Boykin and then Nnamdi Asomugha — took turns lining up over Larry Fitzgerald on the Cardinals’ first three plays from scrimmage. It was immediately evident that trying to contain the star receiver would be a group assignment. That wasn’t the initial plan, however, as Asomugha laid out afterwards.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " ARZ 27, PHI 6
Should Michael Vick be benched? No. He did not play well, but I don’t think he was so bad that he should be benched. Vick had a new C and LT. He was missing a starting WR. And the coaches decided to have him throw over and over early in the game. The gameplan didn’t work. Vick wasn’t executing it well, but part of that was due to LB Daryl Washington. That guy was all over the field and is Vick’s kryptonite. Vick played very well last week. You don’t bench him after that and then a sloppy game tonight. His biggest sin was holding the ball too long, but you do wonder if players were getting open

Victorious Kolb on Vick: "He's a warrior"
"He’s a warrior. He gets banged up out there," Kolb said. "I couldn’t help but grimace for him a couple of times. But that’s just his style of play. He knows that. We know that. That’s part of it." Kolb and Vick remain close. They'll forever be linked because of what happened in 2010. "I told him before the game, not that I’m in any more of a position than he is, but I just told him how proud I was of him as a friend," Kolb said. "Just because it hadn’t gone his way and for him to fight back and get those two victories. They’re still 2-1. It hadn’t come out clean yet, but you’re still 2-1 and I think a lot of times when you go through things like that you earn respect.

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