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Eagles Vs Cardinals: Is This The Week To Go Conservative?


While you won't often hear me saying I want the Eagles to be boring... this week just seems different. This one could be a very tricky game. The Cardinals are not a total fluke at 2-0. They've got a very good defense that would probably look even better statistically if their offense wasn't so bad (ranked #30 in the league in terms of yards).

And while the Eagles offense has been productive, they lead the NFL in yards, it have been mistake prone, 9 turnovers. This week, on the road against a good D, could finally be the one where the turnovers bite the Eagles. But it doesn't have to be.

The answer? Be boring. The Cardinals have barely been able to move the ball this year. They've got one of the worst rushing attacks in the league and a QB in Kevin Kolb who has shown that he folds under pressure. If there was ever a week to rely on LeSean McCoy and preach to Michael Vick to just take what's given to him, it's this one. Everything we've seen from the Eagles D and Cardinals O this season is that the Eagles should be handle this matchup. They should be able to shut down the Cardinals RBs, they should be able to pressure Kolb and they should be able to create turnovers.

If that's the case, the offense shouldn't have a ton to do in this game, not unless they make it hard on themselves. The Eagles should not need a superhuman performance from Michael Vick in this game. Keep the ball on the ground, work Celek over the middle, just be smart. Don't rely on slow developing patterns, not when we're down 2 starters on the offensive line. The Eagles defense should be driving the team today.

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