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Late Night Fantasy Football Chat- Week 3 Edition

Hello Everybody,

Unforunately, I wont be able to do a chat this sunday, so instead I'm having the open thread tonight. I will check it from now until around midnight. To get the chat going after the jump are three players I like this week and three I dont like plus my bold prediction. Ask Away!

3 Guys I Like

1. Michael Bush- I think hes a top 5 RB this week. Rams are a bad run D and Bush will be getting all the work. A Must start this week.

2. Brandon Lloyd- The targets have been there each week but Brady and him have yet to connect. I think that changes on SNF.

3. Brian Hartline- If you are looking for a WR this week, I think Hartline has a good game against the Jets, who are without Revis. I think he could sneak into the top 20.

UPDATE: Revis is IN. Still like Hartline but not nearly as much.

3 Guys I Dont Like

1. Darren Sporles- He isnt getting any carries and is relying too much on catching those screen passes. I think his luck runs out in this game.

2. Steven Ridley- I think Baltimore will be fired up for this game and the Pats will have to throw the ball to stay in it. Dont love Ridley this week.

3. Vincent Jackson- Cowboys secondary is much improved and I think the Bucs focus on ground and pound this week.

Bold Prediction: Andre Brown has two TDs and over 100 yards. Jordy Nelson catches a TD and has at least 120 Yards Receiving on Monday Night Football

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