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BGN Pick 6 Update: "Mike Will is DoubleDown" Wins Week 2

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Pick 6 week 2 is in the books and Mike Will is Doubledown is your champ with 108.4 points. Check out the full leaderboard here. And you can see Mike's winning 6 here. CJ Spiller's crazy week was a big driver in his win.

It was actually 10 points better than it took to win week 1 and the margin of victory between #1 & #2 is smaller. So things are getting more competitive.

Week 3 is now open so you can go make your picks here. You have until the start of the Thursday night game to lock in. With 2 weeks worth of data in, prices for players will be changing so the game is really different every week. Remember, since we play this on a weekly basis and pick new players every tie, you don't have to have played in the past.

As always when your picks, feel free to let us know about them in the comments.

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