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Kelce Has Complete Tear of MCL, Partial Tear of ACL

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The news on Jason Kelce is not as bad as expected, but it is not good either.

Eagles head trainer Rick Burkholder announced that Jason Kelce has a complete tear of his MCL, but only a partial tear of his ACL.

The unique situation means that Kelce could still play this year. If the Eagles decide to go ahead and have Kelce undergo surgery on his ACL to repair it, he will be done for the year. The MCL will take 4-6 weeks to heal.

The Eagles will not know whether or not Kelce will require surgery- or how bad the partial tear of the ACL is- until they get the results from a scope on Kelce's knee. The procedure is scheduled for tomorrow, and will be conducted by Dr. Deluca.

Once the Eagles know the extent of the damage, they can do 1 of 2 things. They could decide to have Kelce try to play this year, let the MCL heal, and put Kelce back on the field in 6 weeks. But if the damage is bad enough to the ACL, Kelce will undergo surgery on his ACL once the MCL heals. That will end his season.

Still, it looks like the earliest Kelce would be back is in 6 weeks. Andy Reid announced that Dallas Reynolds will start in place of Kelce.

Reid also insinuated it is possible that the Eagles will make a roster move before Sunday's game against the Cardinals.

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