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Eagles Vs. Ravens: Michael Vick Looking Ahead To Home Opener

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Michael Vick will look to put last week's sub-par performance behind him when the Eagles host the Ravens at Lincoln Financial Field this Sunday. To bounce back, Vick will have to deal with the Ray Lewis led Ravens D. Today, Vick talked about the tremendous amount of respect he has for the future hall of famer.

"Ray Lewis has accomplished a lot, not only for himself but for the NFL," said Vick. "I think the way he's played the game, younger guys coming into the league have patterned themselves after him and strive off the way he plays and his intensity. He's been a great ambassador for the NFL. He's definitely a big brother to all of us and he's always been that way and I love him to death. But this week, you've got to face him."

Vick was asked whether he thinks he and the offense have cleaned up their mistakes from week 1?

"Yeah, I think we've cleaned up a lot. I think as the weeks go on, you know, we'll continue to get better. Obviously, every game's not going to be perfect; it's not going to be flawless. You learn from your mistakes and I think sometimes things not happening so well can be the best teacher for you as long as you clean it up."

He also didn't have any extra insight into whether DeSean Jackson & Jeremy Maclin would be available for this weekend, but he's hopeful.

"I can't say right now for sure. But the guys who we have out there now have been working extremely hard and they understand the offense and what we're trying to get accomplished. So, that's all you can ask for right now. Like I said, hopefully DeSean and Jeremy will be out there."

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