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Mornhinweg: Michael Vick Was "Rusty"


Marty Mornhinweg met the media today to discuss all thing Eagles vs Ravens, but understandably there were still a few remaining questions from last week's performance. Most notably, what was up with Michael Vick? Mornhinweg blamed at least some of it on rust.

"And you know that we don't make excuses, but after the ballgame, I do think there was a little bit of rust there now. I usually don't go there, but I do think that was a real thing."

So we know that Vick only played 12 preseason snaps and threw just 6 passes. I suppose some rust is understandable, but you could make a pretty decent argument that 4 turnovers can be blamed on more than just rust. Whatever it is though, rust won't be an excuse going forward. He threw 56 passes last week, which more than any entrenched starting QB will probably ever throw in a preseason.

Speaking of those 56 passes... That was brought up as well. Mornhinweg agreed that they didn't run enough, but also argued that circumstances and penalties were partly blame for the imbalance.

"We won the game but certainly, looking back, we could have done some other things. That's hard. Just because you have a whole overload amount of turnovers doesn't mean just because it didn't work very well because of the penalties and turnovers doesn't mean it wasn't the right thing to do. You know we look at that closely. I go back, and back, and back, and back. As far as the running game, it just felt like -and I've been back through the film an ungodly amount of times this time and usually you're doing that after the first game. It just seemed like we were first-and-20 [a lot], and a lot of those runs got called back. Those were holds, and we need to correct that. It felt like we were backed up just a little bit. We had 20 carries [for RB LeSean McCoy], and you can always do it differently. You can't go back, replay it, and see what happens. We can't do that."

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