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Jon Runyan's Opponent Lampoons His Football Career

When Jon Runyan retired from the NFL he decided to enter what is arguably an even rougher sport, politics. Runyan won a seat in the House of Representatives in his first try, but as a member of the House he has to run every two years. So if it feels like he was just running... he was.

And this time around, his opponent has decided to lampoon his football career. Admittedly, I laughed at this ad because its so stupid that its actually kind of funny. I don't know if they were going for "so stupid its funny," but they got there. I also don't know why anyone would base their vote on it, but its just too goofy to ignore.

And as always, lets not have this devolve into a whole politics thing (even though, admittedly, that's what political ads are about). They could have done this same ad no matter what Runyan believed in and I'm only really posting it because its about Runyan and football. Runyan is actually the congressman for the district where I grew up, but I'm not registered there anymore. I also included his own ad after the jump.

And here was Runyan's first ad of the campaign.

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