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BGN Pick 6 Week 1: Slandog Owns Us All


Well, we're all suckers. Many of us thought we were exploiting a little inefficiency in the SBNation PIck 6 fantasy football game when we started Chris Johnson for just $0.50 last week. As it turns out... he was overpriced.

As a result, those that didn't go for Johnson really made out last week with Slandog coming out on top with 96.5 points. Yours truly came in 126th of the 244 BGNers who played in week 1. If you want to man up and admit/boast about your rank in the comments... by all means do so.

Now, the great thing about this game is that we start all over again every week. You have a new $120 budget to select 6 new players (or the same 6 if you like) and we'll have a whole new leaderboard for week 2. There will be a running leaderboard for the season, but the fact that we get to compete with new teams every week is why this can be a lot less frustrating than traditional fantasy football.

Last week, BGN, came in 3rd among the NFL blogs in terms of most participants. We were beat by the Chiefs & Bills blogs, so let's not let that happen again. If you didn't get into the pick 6 last week, be sure to jump in this time. And if you did play last week, you'll notice that we've made some changes to the platform based on your feedback. Some of you complained that the system of separating players by team was kind of wonky, so now players are raked by price at each position.

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