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Monday Night Football Open Thread

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Week 1 in the NFL, which actually started last Wednesday, finally ends tonight with 2 games on Monday Night football.

Of particular interest to Eagles fans will be the Bengals visiting the Ravens. Baltimore will come to Philly next week for the Eagles home opener. Bengals v Ravens kicks off at 7pm tonight on ESPN.

The action then shifts to the left coast for an AFC West battle between the Raiders and Chargers. That game kicks off at 10:15pm eastern.

What most of will care about these games though, is of course the fantasy implications. With 4 teams left to play, there's probably an inordinate number of people sweating out their lead or hoping to catch up and win their matchup. Plus, there's also the SBNation Pick 6 to keep an eye on. Currently Slandog is owning the BGN leaderboard, but things could change drastically if you've got a guy like Darren McFadden in your 6 for the week.

If you're looking for more Eagles news during the game... Andy Reid updated Jeremy Maclin's injury status today.

Also, we sent Dan Klausner to cover the game in Cleveland and he wrote a detailed review of what he saw.

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