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Eagles Vs Steelers Second Half Thread

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The Steelers lead the Eagles 13-0 at the half of preseason game #1.

Michael Vick banged his left hand on Jason Kelce's helmet and looked to be in serious pain as he jogged off the field. But don't worry, he stood on the sideline with his thumb in a cup of ice. So he's getting top notch medical care.

Obviously we'll let you know when we hear something about Vick's thumb.

Mike Kafka had a brainfart and threw a silly INT.

Jaiquwan Jarrett got the start tonight and had a pretty shocking first two series. Things not looking good for him.

Apparently it doesn't matter if the Eagles put in their 4th or 6th guy on the defensive end depth chart, they're all unblockable. Brandon Graham and Phillip Hunt each collected a sack and looked really good. Derek Landri was probably the Eagles best player on either side of the ball.