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The Linc - Brian Westbrook Calls It A Career Today

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Madden 13 Predicts Eagles Vs Patriots Super Bowl - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly
Madden 13 was released today and G4 decided to test its soothsaying skills by simulating a full season to see who wins the various player awards and the Super Bowl.

Jaiquawn Jarrett appears to have turned a corner
He’s still way behind where he should be, but the light may have come on over the past week for safety Jaiquawn Jarrett as the final roster cuts approach.

John Smallwood: T.O's plummet from NFL's heights is now complete
AND THUS it ends for Terrell Owens. For anyone who has even remotely followed T.O's career and had dealings with him, can anyone be surprised at its Greek-tragedy finish?

Brian Westbrook officially retires - VU Hoops
Brian Westbrook will officially retire as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles organization. VU Hoops looks back at his time at Villanova.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " Westy To Retire An Eagle

Brian Westbrook will retire an Eagle. Good to hear, although not much of a surprise. He remained very close to Big Red even after leaving for a year in SF. Westy is an Eagle through and through. Heck, he went to Villanova so that makes him even more of a Philly guy.

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