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Eagles Injury News: Mike Patterson May Not Play This Season

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Andy Reid updated the status of a few injured Eagles today and the news is mixed.

Mike Kafka and Jason Babin are the closest to being back. Reid said that Kafka may even be ready to play the in the Jets. The question is, will he have a job to come back to? As for Babin, he is expected to be back for the opener. As crazy as it is to say about a guy who had 18 sacks last season, it probably doesn't matter that much whether he is. Brandon Graham has had a great camp and preseason while Phillip Hunt looks like even more of a ferocious edge rusher than Babin himself.

Riley Cooper, Casey Matthews Colt Anderson don't look like they'll be ready. Cooper and Anderson could be PUP candidates, while Matthews sounds like he may only miss week one. However, these guys could all also be cut.

The bad news is about Mike Patterson.

"Patterson, listen, I think that is going to be an extended time," said Reid. "We just have to see how that goes if he is able to go at all. We'll have to see how that works out. We'll take checkups in increments here but right now it is going to be a while."

I suppose they could try putting him on PUP, but it seems more likely that Patterson will be placed on IR for the season. That probably means good things for a guy like Antonio Dixon, who might have been on the bubble if Patterson was able to come back.

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