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The Linc - Eagles Defense Steps Up In Win Over Browns


Observation deck: Eagles-Browns - NFC East Blog - ESPN
I know it's been criticized a lot in preseason, but I think the Eagles' defense looks fine. They're tackling well. They're covering well. It's just that, because they pursue so hard with the defensive linemen on every single play, there are going to be plays on which it looks like everything broke down. Happened on the Browns' first drive, when Brandon Weeden dumped the ball off to a wide-open tight end and converted a second-and-19. It's going to happen during the season too. It's like the opposite of a bend-don't-break defense. It's more of a "break-every-now-and-then-but-it's-okay-because-we're-making-the-quarterback's-life-miserable" defense. The risk is worth the reward, in other words.

Edwards making push for Birds' final QB spot
Seems like Nick Foles has effectively bumped Mike Kafka down from No. 2 to No. 3. And Trent Edwards just might be bumping Kafka down from No. 3 to No. 4. And there is no No. 4.

My crack at the Eagles 53, err… 52 man roster – Blogging the bEast
Jimmy K takes his crack at the 53 man roster.

Eagles' defense gives top effort in 27-10 win over Cleveland Browns
There were still fleeting struggles by the Eagles' defense against the Browns, but in general things went well.

Bednarik mourns loss of hero Van Buren
"When I was a rookie, I was quoted somewhere as saying that Steve Van Buren was my hero and Steve never let me forget it," Bednarik recalled. "For years he would joke and say to me 'Chuck, am I still your hero?' I'm 87 years old and my answer today is same as it always been,'Yes Steve, you are my hero.' Steve Van Buren was the best football player I ever saw.

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