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Here's A Great Example Of A Bad Call

The NFL's increased focus on player safety and its attempt to rid the game of dangerous hits has led to a lot of heated discussions over the last couple seasons about various calls that have been made. A lot have come on very close plays where the way you saw it probably was swayed by which team you happened to be rooting for.

However, there was a hit last night that I think pretty much anyone would find it hard to call dirty and it was flagged for a 15 yard personal foul. Bengals S Taylor Mays laid a huge shot on Packers' TE Tom Crabtree with his shoulders and did not make contact with the head or neck. Yes, the receiver was defenseless, but as we've said before, that only means you can't hit them in the head. Mays does go high, but it still seems pretty clear that he didn't contact the head.

Click after the jump for the gif and see for yourself.


By the way, as great of a hit as that was, the fact that Crabtree held onto the ball is even more impressive.

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