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Reid: Michael Vick Will Be Ready For Opener

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Andy Reid said today that Michael Vick "most likely" won't play this Friday against the Cleveland Browns, but he will be under center when the Eagles take on the Browns in 2.5 weeks for the season opener. Reid also said that if it was the regular season, Vick would be playing.

"No. Really, in-season, you'd probably have him in there for the game," said Andy. "As I'm standing here today, unless I'm drastically changing something, I'm not going to play him [the rest of the preseason]."

This is pretty much in line with what Reid said in post game, that Vick wanted to come back into the game after the half, but Reid decided to hold him out.

When asked about the play itself and whether Vick should have done something different.... Andy says no.

"He was trying to make somebody miss, and he wheeled backwards about 15 yards. He had an available receiver down the field, and he was trying to make a play. To tell him that he can't make that throw, you're not going to tell him that. You just want everyone to do their job so that that doesn't happen back there. It was when he spun around that he got caught with that."

In his place, Nick Foles will get the start and could have the rest of the Eagles first team for the first couple series. While the starters are expected to be done after a quarter, Andy Reid says Foles will likely play the entire first half.

If all goes well, Foles won't play in the regular season... So it really makes sense to get him as many snaps as possible.

Les Bowen tweeted out a pic of the media throng around Foles' locker this morning. He's becoming our very own Tebow.

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