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Michael Vick Injury: MRI Reveals No Damage

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Michael Vick underwent an MRI and CT scan today to check for any damage to his rib or abdomen area that an x-ray may not have revealed and the news is good.

The scans revealed no broken bones and no fractured cartilage. He suffered only a contusion of his ribs and of the soft tissue area surrounding it. Given how violent the shot was and how directly his rib area was impacted, it seems like a minor miracle that he escaped with just a bruise.

It remains highly unlikely that we'll see Vick play in 3 days (yes its that close) when the Eagles face the Browns in their third preseason matchup. Then again, it was highly unlikely we'd see Vick in that game anyway. Because the Eagles play Cleveland in week one, Andy Reid planned on resting his starters.

Given that no starters ever play in the final preseason tilt against the Jets, the next time we'll be seeing Vick or any of the Eagles notable players will be September 9th when they open the 2012 season at the Browns.

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