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Andy Reid & Cullen Jenkins Downplay Sideline Dustup

Andy has the crazy eyes.
Andy has the crazy eyes.

One of the most memorable highlights of last night's Eagles vs Patriots game did not even happen on the field. After the Patriots scored their first touchdown of the night, head coach Andy Reid and DT Cullen Jenkins had themselves a nose to nose screaming match on the bench (see it here). It looked more like a baseball manager and umpire arguing a call than a football coach and a player...

However, after the game, the two played it off as simply tempers flaring in the heat of the moment.

"It's football," said Jenkins. "Football causes that, if you're out there playing, you've got to be emotional. It was nothing. Nothing was addressed. It's an emotional game and sometimes you need that spark and especially now in the preseason. I'm a real competitive person and when I get out there, I want to win regardless. It wasn't anything directed at anybody or personal like that. It wasn't anything about a specific play; it was through the game. We've got a short window on where we need to be as a team and we need to come out and I don't care if it's preseason or not, we need to play like it. We can't come out flat."

"It's an emotional game, he was fired up, I was fired up," Reid explained. "Those things happen. Cullen's my primary leader on the defensive line so, I count on him for a lot of things. He was upset, I was upset, we talked about it afterwards and we are okay."

Reid even put some of the blame on his outburst on his red hair...

"Listen, it's an emotional game. I was born with red hair, I know I don't have much of it now. Sometimes it flares up once in a while. It's always for the good of the football team."

Whatever the reason, Andy going nuts may have actually worked. The Eagles defense allowed the Patriots just one first down in the second half.

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