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Eagles Vs Patriots: The Game In Gifs


If you've seen our SBNation GIF Tournament, you already know that our team at SBN is pretty good at that kind of stuff. Last night was no different and we got some really great gifs from the game.

So after the jump, we'll tell the story of the Eagles win over the Patriots, through the magic of gifs...

Prior to the season, President Obama told Nnamdi Asomugha that he wanted to see Michael Vick learn how to slide. Vick promised the the commander-in-chief he would... but I don't know that this head first dive was what Barack was looking for.


Then of course came the moment that ruined our night. Michael Vick gets blasted in the ribs as Todd Herremans trails haplessly behind.


Things would go from bad to worse for the Eagles as one penalty after the other kept extending the Patriots drive until they finally got to the end zone. Andy Reid had enough, Cullen Jenkins was pissed and the two went head to head on the sidelines.


After the game Reid the two were both just angry about the penalties and lost their cool. He also said that Jenkins is their primary leader on the defensive line and the two spoke later as calmer heads prevailed.

Things would soon turn around. Brandon Boykin blazed down the field on punt coverage, which seemed to cause a muff from the Patriots return man that the Eagles recovered. This made Jon Dorenbos very happy.


Nick Foles took over at QB and led the Eagles to a TD following that turnover. Then, Phillip Hunt got a strip sack and Foles led them to another TD. He was driving the team down for another at the end of 2nd quarter before a pick ended that drive. It may have been a pick 6 were it not for DeSean Jackson's interesting tackling technique.


And finally, replacement refs...


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