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The Redskins Have A QB Controversy Says Bears Announcer


Here's another tale from taking things too seriously in preseason...

The Redskins traded I believe all their future draft picks forever for Robert Griffin III, who they see as the franchise QB they've tried for well over a decade to find. They also somewhat controversially took QB Kirk Cousins in the 4th round of the same draft. You could say that was a waste of a pick when he has no future with their team and they won't have many other draft picks to fill needs for a few years... But there is something to be said for taking a guy if you think value is there.

So the Redskins came into the preseason with two rookie QBs. RG3 has obviously been running with the starters and had a pretty rough go of it in Washington's 2nd preseason game against the Bears. He was 5-8 for 49 yards, got sacked 3 times and lost his 2nd fumble in as many games. He didn't look particularly accurate or decisive, but his offensive line was pretty poor and he had no running game to speak of. It was really just a rough spot for a rookie QB against a good defense on the road and not really anything that says a lot about his future.

Kirk Cousins, on the hand, who was running with the backups, was awesome.He was 18-23 for 264 yards and 1 TDs. He had a near perfect 154.1 QB rating as he rallied the Skins for 3 fourth quarter TDs. But again, he's leading backups & third stringers against other backups & third stringers. It really doesn't mean a lot... except to former Bears QB and current TV analyst Jim Miller.

"Kirk Cousins, let’s put it this way," Miller said. "I hate quarterback controversies, but after how he’s played so far, people are gonna say that."

You're right Jim, I'm sure Skins fans are all ready to give up RG3 and move on to Kirk Cousins and his merry band of backups to start in week one...

This isn't exactly like if someone were to suggest that Nick Foles should be the starter because he was better than Michael Vick in the first preseason game, but it's pretty close.

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