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Andrew Luck Takes National Stage On Sunday Night Football

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Andrew Luck is a future hall of fame QB, haven't you heard? Unless you watched a lot of Stanford football, you've probably just had to take the Andrew Luck for granted. Not anymore. Tonight, he'll make his national TV debut in the NFL when his Colts take on the Steelers on NBC's Sunday Night Football.

Luck started off right in his debut throwing a TD on his first ever pass. Granted, it was a screen pass and therefore didn't have a lot to do with him, but it will certainly add to the legend anyway. It is just preseason, but I'm actually pretty excited to get a first look at this kid. If he does end up being a Peyton Manning level type star, it will be interesting to catch him early.

He'll be facing a Steelers defense who made quick work of the Eagles first team offense in the preseason opener. They forced two 3 and outs and their night was over after just a handful of snaps.

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