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"Its Just Preseason" Won't Be An Excuse On Monday Night


The Eagles first team offense and defense didn't look great in their preseason opener. However, there are pretty good reasons to believe that doesn't mean much. For one, the offense played only 6 snaps. There's really nothing you can take from 6 snaps.

The defense was down a number of starters, most notably at safety. If DRC doesn't inexplicably try to take off Byron Leftwich's head, the defense gets off the field on that series. If Jaiquwan Jarrett doesn't take out Vinny Curry, Curry tackles that RB easy and prevents a big gain. Two easily avoidable plays that would changed our whole view of that game.

For that game, I'll buy "Its just preseason."

However, last night as I watched the Giants in their second preseason game, they looked pretty much like the same team we saw last year. Defense was very good, led by their front 4. Eli Manning made some silly "toss it up and hope for the best throws" but that's really not uncommon and overall their passing game was good. They can't run the ball, but they couldn't last year either. Point is, vanilla offense or not, they look pretty much like we expect them to look when the games count.

With the starters scheduled to play at least a half and maybe as much as three quarters, it's time for the Eagles to look like the team we're expecting to see in the regular season as well. The offense will play a lot more than 6 snaps. Nate Allen will be starting at safety. Trent Cole will be back, Jeremy Maclin will be back...

So what are you expecting? Do we see more of what we did against Pittsburgh or do we see a different Eagles team tomorrow night?

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