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Chris Polk Potentially Moving To Fullback?


The Eagles have 4 backs in camp that they like. LeSean McCoy is the unquestioned #1, Dion Lewis has had an impressive camp at #2 and Bryce Brown currently sits at #3 on the depth chart.

But they also like rookie Chris Polk and would like to find a roster spot for him. So what about at fullback? This was the question put to Marty Mornhinweg by Tim McManus.

"Certainly that's been discussed and thought of," said Mornhinweg. "He is a physical player, isn't he? I think Chris Polk is an excellent football player. I think he is an excellent ball carrier, I think he could be an excellent blocker as well."

As was so eloquently pointed out by footballfreak20, this sounds like Tony Hunt 2.0. Converting a RB to FB late in camp because you'd like to keep him on the roster.

Owen Schmitt played less than 16% of the Eagles offensive snaps last season. He was a run blocker on 41% of those plays. As Sheil Kapadia found, he was used a receiver even more than a run blocker.

Polk is a better runner and receiver than Schmitt, so he'd be an upgrade there. That said, current #1 FB Stanley Havili is also better at both than Schmitt. The question is about the ability to lead block. It may not be a big part of the Eagles offense, but as long as they do it, it needs to be done effectively.

As Polk told McManus, he feels he does have some lead blocking experience, having to pave the way for QB Jake Locker at Washington, where they ran a lot of draw plays.

If this is something the Eagles are thinking about, they should act quick and get Polk snaps at FB Monday night. Despite the failed Hunt experiment, this is an intriguing idea. We all remember what an exciting dimension Leonard Weaver brought to the offense as a hybrid RB/FB. Polk has the ability to be a similar offense threat.

That said, Weaver had about 25 pounds on Polk and had been a fullback for years prior...

Marty Mornhinweg says he thinks there's still time to make the move and settle him in, but they haven't given him any reps there yet.

"We have not done that yet. There is certainly time. Whatever his strengths are, he can lean on his strengths there especially if that were the case. That's hypothetical and I don't usually get into much of that. We have not done that as of yet. Do I think he could? I do think he could because he's such a physical player."

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