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Still No Word On Mike Patterson

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The last we heard from Mike Patterson, he was feeling good, working out and wanted to play... But his doctor just wasn't ready to clear him yet.

So far, there's been no change.

Speaking to the media as he wrapped up camp at Lehigh, Andy Reid said they've heard nothing new from Patterson's doctor.

"Actually, we don't [know]," said Reid. "Right now, we're waiting just to see how it's going to work out. We're strictly banking on what his doctor says and he hasn't given us any updates on him."

Andy said that the doctor has been on vacation for a while and hasn't given the team an update. Until he gives the all clear, Patterson won't play.

He has been working out at Lehigh and keeping fit, but nothing really replaces game time and getting hit a bit. So even if Patterson was cleared by the start of the season, it may be a bit before he sees significant snaps.

Patterson has been recovering offseason surgery to correct an AVM on his brain. The procedure involved removing part of his skull and its that area that's still healing and preventing him from being cleared.

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