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Jeff Lurie Retains Full Control Of Eagles Following Divorce

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The NY Post reported last week that Eagles owner Jeff Lurie agreed to hand over a "sizeable chunk" of the team to his now ex-wife Christina as part of their divorce settlement. It turns out that the Post either has an odd idea of what "sizeable" means or just had bad sources.

A senior NFL official with direct knowledge of the settlement confirmed to's Albert Breer that Christina Lurie now owns just a small percentage of non-voting shares, similar to that of other minor partners in the team. Jeff Lurie remains the only person with any voting shares or management authority over the team.

"There is no doubt who will own or control the Eagles going forward, and that is Jeffrey," said the senior official in an email. "Jeffrey is only 60 and will remain in control for decades. In fact, we think the Eagles will be in the Lurie family for generations because Jeffrey has been very thoughtful in how he has structured his affairs."

The report also noted that Lurie owns a larger portion of the team than most NFL owners.

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