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More Unflattering Tackling Numbers For Eagles D

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Yesterday we talked about PFF's look at the tackling of a few members of the Eagles secondary over the past few seasons. They also took a look at the tackling of LBs over the past 3 seasons and as you may guess, its not particularly great for Eagles.

However, if we can take some solace in these numbers, its that these guys are ex Eagles.

PFF ranked the worst tackling LBs in terms of efficiency (missed tackles per attempt) and 2 ex Eagles showed up. One is the "shark in the water" himself Ernie Sims who missed one tackle every 8.2 attempts over the last 3 seasons. That's good enough for 9th worst in the league. Just for some context, the best tackling LBs in the league miss one every 20-30 attempts.

The other is our old pal Chris Gocong, who spent 2 of the 3 years included in this study as a member of the Cleveland Browns. His one missed tackle every 8.5 attempts is good for 12th worst in the league over the last 3 seasons. Despite just 2 sacks in 2011 and being one of poorer tackling LBs in the league, Gocong was rewarded with a 3 year, $16.8 million deal before last season! Cleveland rocks!

No current Eagles showed on the top or bottom 15 among tackling LBs. So that's a step forward.

By the way, the worst tackling LB over the last 3 seasons according to PFF? That would be Atlanta's Sean Weatherspoon, who misses one every 7.2 attempts. So now, Atlanta employs the worst tackling LB and DB in the league!

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