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The Linc - Who Wants To Re-Live Getting Burned By Victor Cruz?

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More Change at Top for Eagles?
Christina Lurie, with that hard-to-place French/Spanish/whatever accent, with the Vera Wang ideas and the high-minded philanthropic focus, was and is about as unPhilly as you could possibly get. Jeffrey is unPhilly too -- wealthy guy from the Boston suburbs -- but he at least is approachable, will at least nod in agreement in a discussion of, say, the ubiquity of Pete Retzlaff in mid-60s packs of football bubblegum cards. Christina has always seemed to me to be, if not a visitor from another planet, certainly a visitor from another culture, observing ours through gritted teeth. I've covered the team 10 years now, and never had a one-on-one conversation with her, never done more than exchanged mild pleasantries in a group setting. Eagles Insiders : Lurie losing those around him
What a strange year of loss it has been for suddenly lonely-at-the-top Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, who started it all by seriously considering jettisoning his favorite coach, only to see his right-hand man, Joe Banner, announce he was leaving the organization last month, then confirming two days ago that he was splitting with his wife Christina.

Eagles' D-Jax preaches hard work to young camp participants
'Hard work on three. One . . . two . . . three . . . HARD WORK!" The echo of about 150 kids equipped with matching green No. 10 T-shirts boomed off the walls of Moorestown (N.J.) Upper Elementary School at the DeSean Jackson Football Camp on Friday.

Playbook: Victor Cruz vs. Eagles' Cover 4 | National Football Post
Let’s focus on the route tree in the "high" red zone (20-35 yard line) today and use Victor Cruz’s TD catch vs. the Eagles to breakdown Cover 4 (quarters) technique. Take a look at the replay and then we will get into some coaching points.

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