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Eagles Owner Jeff Lurie Announces Divorce

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie and his wife Christina have announced that they will end their 20 year marriage. According to a release quote by Jonathon Tamari, the split won't affect the operations of the team.

In a message to employees they said their split will have "no impact whatsoever on the ownership, the business & the operations of the team"

Now, this is and isn't a football story... I really am not interested in the details of why the Luries have broken up, although some say they could see it coming... Either way, that's their business and generally here on BGN we've always tried to stay out of the personal lives of people connected to the Eagles.

Still, with the recent fiasco involving the Dodgers and the McCourt divorce, hearing the owners of your team are splitting up has to be at least some cause for concern. If anything, its at least worth keeping an eye on. For now, I would think its fair to take the Luries at their word that this won't affect the team and to not worry about it until we actually get any indication that it would.

All that said, I think its worth mentioning that the team and the community will be losing an asset when Christina Lurie leaves. She hasn't been involved in anything football related, but she's been the driving force behind so many of the Eagles charity efforts, including the highly regarded Eagles Youth Partnership.

So, we can only hope that if she does leave the organization entirely, that all the work she's done will continue.

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