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Eagles Interested In... Jeremy Shockey?

Actually, this is exactly how I reacted when I heard the rumor.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Actually, this is exactly how I reacted when I heard the rumor. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Getty Images

If all the rumors are true, and there are enough to believe they are, the Eagles are interested in upgrading their tight end position.Two separate reports have linked the Eagles to two different veteran TEs today. I'm going to mention one, then we have things to discuss with the other...

First is ex-Giant and Viking Visanthe Shiancoe, who will reportedly visit with the Eagles tomorrow.

Shiancoe spent last season with the Minnesota Vikings, making 36 receptions for 409 yards and three touchdowns. He ranked 22nd among NFL tight ends in targets (70), 26th in receptions, 25th in yards and 23rd in touchdowns. Shiancoe, a former third-round NFL Draft pick, has 243 receptions for 2,677 yards and 27 touchdowns for his nine-year NFL career which he split with the Giants (2003-2006) and Vikings (2007-2011).

Schiancoe is a big body at 6-4, 250 and has proven to be a pretty decent red zone threat in his career. In his 2009, which Brett Favre at the helm in Minny, he caught 11 TD passes. He hasn't been quite as productive in recent seasons, but has had poor QBs. If the Eagles are worried about their depth behind Celek, Schiancoe could be a useful addition.

That brings us to the next rumor and another ex-Giant. Tim McManus is reporting that the Eagles are showing interest in none other than Jeremy Shockey.

Now, he's another big body at 6-5 and is actually about a year younger than Schiancoe at 31. He too, hasn't been super productive in recent seasons either, but not awful. He's only caught 37 and 41 passes in the last two years respectively with a total of 7 TDs. He'll be looking for his 3rd team in 3 seasons. He's also a bit injury prone.

But putting all that aside. We hate this guy right? I certainly do. And I know occasionally you get guys you don't like on your team and learn to like them (Michael Vick anyone?!) but Shockey? How many times have we enjoyed throwing moments like this in the face of our Giants fan friends?


This is the guy that the New York Times once proclaimed as "public enemy #1" in Philadelphia. He would trash talk and taunt the team and fans at every chance.

It's personal! But could you get over your hatred of Shockey? If he acts like his total d-bag self, but does it wearing green can you accept it?

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