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The Linc - Football Is Back!

Brilliant new cartoon from <a href="">Rob Tornoe</a>
Brilliant new cartoon from Rob Tornoe

Michael Vick ‘Dynasty’ | Tornoe Ink - Rob Tornoe
Dear sports journalists- you can’t sensationalize every dumb thing an athlete says, then complain that modern athletes don’t open up to you like they used to.

Vick: 'Dynasty' different than 'Dream Team'
"That's totally different than the 'Dream Team' comment," Vick said. "This is a hypothetical thought, if you think about it in the sense that’s something to aim for. We can create our own dream team. So nothing against what Vince said. This is what we can build if we have the right mindset. It all starts with training camp, and each and every guy has to look at themselves in the mirror and say, 'I put 100 percent into my day and made the most out of it.'

Mike Patterson will miss camp, maybe more
Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson has been ruled out of training camp, as he has yet to sufficiently heal from an off-season brain surgery.

Eagles DT Mike Patterson out indefinitely – Blogging the bEast
A look at the impact of Mike Patterson's absence on the Eagles DT depth.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " Training Camp Talk
The early practices also allow the players to get their feet under them. Training Camp moves quickly and the practices don’t involve lots of time for young players to get in a comfort zone. They are expected to know what’s going on and to keep up with the veterans. The first 3 days move slower and the coaches can be more hands on.

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