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Troy Vincent Honored To Be Included In Eagles Hall Of Fame

Troy Vincent
Troy Vincent

The Eagles announced yesterday that they will induct Troy Vincent into their hall of fame. He spoke with the media that afternoon and said he was "overwhelmed" by the honor.

"I'm overwhelmed to be considered one of the, I guess, the top players to ever put on an Eagles uniform," said Vincent. "This is the ultimate honor, especially growing up 20 miles from Veterans Stadium. To be considered one of the finest young men to ever put on an Eagles uniform and to participate and play for the Eagles means a lot to myself and my family."

Vincent, who is from Trenton, said that the ability to play for his hometown fans was something he has always been thankful for.

"Talk about being able to come back home and represent not just Philadelphia, but I would say the Eagles represent the whole Delaware Valley area. That 12th man was everything, and that's what I think about every Sunday. When we had home games back then, Brian Dawkins and I would look at each other every week before we came out and had kickoff, we would say, ‘Let's give these people what they came here to see. Let's give them a show and let's perform.' Not only being a part of the community and growing up there, but then having the opportunity to play and produce, that's what it was all about. There's no greater 12th man. I know we don't have the best reputation nationally, but I wouldn't want to play for any other group of fans if I had a choice. Let me tell you something, they're passionate. I can't wait to go out and thank them one more time."

Finally, Vincent proclaimed his Eagles secondary as the best ever.

"I was part of the greatest secondary ever to put on a Philadelphia Eagles uniform with Bobby Taylor, Brian Dawkins, Al Harris," he said.

There's no doubt that was a very good secondary. But does it surpass the Buddy Ryan era groups with Eric Allen, Andre Waters and Wes Hopkins?

Even more recently, is it better than Asante Samuel, Sheldon Brown, Brian Dawkins & Quintin Mikell?

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