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OMG Michael Vick Said "Dynasty," Lets Make A Narrative About It!


"When I look at our football team and what we have on paper, I think about when I was growing up and the great San Francisco 49er teams, the great Green Bay Packer teams, and the great Dallas Cowboy teams, how they just positioned themselves to compete and be one of the best teams out there. I think we have a chance to be that. I think we have a chance to develop a dynasty."

- Michael Vick

Hey that's nice right? The quarterback feels confident in his team, speaks highly of his teammates and has high aspirations for the coming seasons.

No. Not in today's NFL world. Not when one word gets batted around the giant NFL echo chamber and certainly not in mid July when there's absolutely nothing else to talk about. When ESPN writes no fewer than 3 articles on it and dedicates multiple segments on their various people arguing with one another shows. 800 Bleacher Report articles titled "Deloosionul Mikeul Vick shood SHUT UP!" are written. When even our own local CSN Philly at this moment on their Eagles page has literally 5 articles and/or videos discussing Michael Vick saying the outrageous phrase "I think we have a chance to develop a dynasty.""

He also said this in the interview by the way.

"I think just getting to the postseason right now is our focus. The Super Bowl is going to come if it's meant to happen. Some of the best teams have some of the best luck. Maybe we'll have some of that. I think our focus needs to be one game at a time, just getting into the postseason."

So far I haven't seen any articles titled "Vick: Maybe We'll Have Some Luck," "Vick Says Focus On Just Getting To The Postseason," "Vick Tells Eagles 'One Game At A Time'"

We haven't seen any of these articles because 90% of the people who have written about the Vick comment never read anything more than the one sentence snippet they saw on ESPN or PFT. That's how it works now.

So we get articles decrying the Eagles' hubris and how they've learned nothing from "The Dream Team," which was another overblown and pointless narrative the newsmedia lazily parroted. Then of course, there's my favorite fake NFL media cliche... "This could be a distraction!"

To this day, no one has ever explained to me how a "distraction" works in sports. Would anyone like to make an argument to me that if DeSean Jackson drops a pass 3 months from now or DRC fails to wrap up a tackle, it will be because they were "distracted" by Michael Vick saying he thought their team had a "chance to develop a dynasty" in an offseason interview?

If that sounds ridiculous, it's because it is. Its just as ridiculous as anyone who suggests Vince Young jokingly referring to the Eagles as a "Dream Team" last year had anything whatsoever to do with their on-field performance.

So if Michael Vick wants to say "we have a chance to develop a dynasty," go ahead. It says nothing about his "focus," it means nothing to the Eagles' season, its just a nice thing to say in a long interview. I'm sure his teammates appreciated it.

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