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Phillip Hunt Named Amongst Top 25 NFL Prospects By Football Outsiders

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FO defines a "prospect" in the NFL as a young guy already in the league, that most people don't know about (so not a high pick) that has yet to make his mark in the NFL. They've recently published their list of the top 25 such prospects on ESPN Insider. The only Eagle to make the list was DE Phillip Hunt, who comes in at #22

Hunt left the University of Houston in 2009 and when he couldn't stick on the Cleveland Browns as an undrafted free agent, he went north to Winnipeg and led the CFL with 16 sacks in 2010. The Eagles brought him back down south last year, hoping to get Cameron Wake Part II. They didn't get that, partly because Hunt was deep in the defensive end rotation. However, in limited time, Hunt had two sacks, 6.5 hurries, four quarterback hits and drew two holding flags. Scouts might be confused because he's built like a 244-pound square, not like the athletic stud suggested by his workout numbers. But he's a good power and leverage guy, and he's flashed a bit as an inside crasher. The strange thing is that there may not be room for Hunt on the roster after the Eagles drafted Vinny Curry and picked up Monte Taylor off waivers. If they cut him, there's going to be a very promising pass-rusher out on the open market for almost no cost. Anybody looking for one of those?

Hunt is in an interesting now being on the depth chart behind potentially 4 guys. At the very least Trent Cole and Jason Babin are ahead. Brandon Graham likely is as well. Darryl Tapp... who knows? I suppose he won't be here. Vinny Curry was a high pick, but I'm not sure I'd assume he's ahead of Hunt automatically just yet.

Given how much the Eagles love pass rushers, they won't part with Hunt lightly. I think they'll make room for him.

Other NFC Easter's on the list include Giants OT James Brewer and Redskins RB Evan Royster.

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