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The Linc - Happy Trails Don McKee

Don McKee: A few parting shots after 38 years at the Inquirer
The legendary Don McKee writes his final column as a staff writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer

Which seven teams make the 3-win jump? Texans, Eagles, Broncos look best -
As the season approaching, most fans are optimistic, and it made me think of a conversation with a coach this past weekend, punctuated with: "We're all undefeated right now."

Eagles RB Dion Lewis arrested for hotel fire alarm incident
How about this headline?

No Surprise: 49ers, Ravens Lead Defensive Line Rankings -
NFL teams have invested heavily in their defensive lines as the passing game has become more and more important. Where do the defensive lines for all 32 teams rank?

Eagles Training Camp Preview Part 1: Can Michael Vick Overcome Injuries to Win the Super Bowl?

Yes, we are well aware Vick has started 16 regular season games only once in his nine-year NFL career. This is a notorious example where a statistic, or more aptly a carefully-crafted factoid, is parroted often enough until it's accepted at face value. While technically accurate, it is a very misleading statement.

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