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The Linc - More Reaction To Joe Banner's Departure

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Westbrook, Trotter react to Banner's departure
In the end, Westbrook said, the conflict between Banner and some of the team's high-profile players was difficult to avoid because both sides were just looking to make the most money. "As a former player, I looked at Joe as the quote-unquote enemy, just because I sat across the table from Joe," he said. "I think if I was on Jeffrey Lurie’s side, I want a guy like Joe Banner hustling and trying to make sure that he saves every dime, every penny that he can for me as a football team. However, as a player, I’m sitting on the other side, and I want every dime. I’m fighting for every dime that I can have in my pocket."

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Every draft season, we hear that Andy Reid loves to draft offensive linemen, or that the Giants love collecting defensive ends, but those statements are never accompanied by a comparative look at the rest of the NFL.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " It Was Time
The time had come, however. Banner’s story about the timing and the reasons for his departure are surely true. What used to be the hard part of his job, on the football operations side, no longer was relevant. Running the business side also no longer required a tremendous amount of work, once Lincoln Financial Field had been built. So I am certain he was ready to move on. Once the lockout was over, the time was right.

Banner's exit not as significant as it seems
At first, Joe Banner's departure from the Eagles came as a shock. But, really, his exit won't affect the Eagles' football operations.