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Joe Banner Wishes He Would Have Handled Brian Dawkins Differently

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As he's literally on his way out, Joe Banner had to go ahead and become honest and likeable. The guy Eagles fans have seen as the cold, calculating businessman who manipulated the cap like a master but treated players as mere commodities seems to have softened as he's on his way out. He spoke very honestly yesterday in both his farewell presser and the various interviews he did before and after.

But the one moment that really jumped out at me was what he saw as his big regret. That was Brian Dawkins.

"I deserved some of the hit for Dawkins. You do this for 18 years, you do a lot of contracts, you deal with a lot of issues, and some you don't do the best you could have. I put Dawkins in that category. I don't think it erases some of the other successes ... but it was a conspicuous moment that I did not handle the best I could have. It affects how you're perceived."

Generally, when the Eagles have gotten rid of guys, even fan favorites... fans have gotten over it. Jeremiah Trotter, Duce Staley, Sheldon Brown, Donovan McNabb etc.Fans got upset at some of those departures. But none of it really lasted. Not like it did with Dawk. That one wasn't a cut, that was a scar. I'm not sure Banner knew that at the time, but I can at least appreciate that he realized it and seems to have learned from it. Good for the next team he runs I guess...