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Is Miracle At The New Meadowlands The Greatest Single Eagles Highlight?

Today, we're doing a post across all SBN football blogs about our favorite single highlight from a game. So this isn't our favorite game, accomplishment or even moment. It's about the highlight itself. For me, there was really one candidate. The Miracle At The New Meadowlands.

The thing some people forget was that this play capped one of the most stunning comebacks we've ever seen. With 7:29 left in the 4th quarter, this game was 31-10. So it wasn't just that we've never seen a walk off punt return before... as Eagles fans we've pretty much never seen a comeback like this before.

And really, this is more than just a great play. The highlight itself is brilliant. We've got the tension before the kick, Joe Buck hinting at what might happen, the fact that the call basically consisted of him yelling "GETS A BLOCK!" And of course, the best part, the fact that that camera goes right to Tom Coughlin chewing out Matt Dodge. Then in the replay they show Coughlin reacting as the play happens and it's priceless. Also be sure to spot Justin Tuck just smiling in disbelief on the bench...

So for me, this is as good as it gets as a highlight. If you think you've got better, leave it in the comments.