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Jason Babin's Contract Named One Of The Best In NFL

Jason La Canfora (Who left NFLN for CBS) released his list today of the 11 best and 11 worst contracts in the NFL. The Eagles had none of the bad contracts, which is not exactly a surprise, but he did name Jason Babin's deal among the best.

Jason Babin, Eagles, DE, $5.75M: Criticize the Eagles and their Dream Team all you like, but everyone except for Nnamdi was signed to very cap-friendly and team-friendly deals. Defensive line coach Jim Washburn knew Babin well from his days at the Titans, and all this guy did was go out and challenge the NFL's single-season sack mark in his first year in Philly. The deal remains very cap-friendly and even in the event of injury, the cap prorations are set up so that the Eagles are protected and the team's cap is in great shape moving forward. Some of those moves from a year ago didn't work so well on the field, but this one certainly did (and Cullen Jenkins' deal is set up similarly as well, and Vince Young was only there for a year, and clearly trading Kevin Kolb made sense, too).

This is what no one seemed to want to pay attention to last season when the Eagles were signing everyone. Only Nnamdi got a big, immovable deal. Babin makes a nice base salary over the next 4 years, but has only $800k in pro-rated bonus left. If he's cut after this season it would cost the Eagles only $600k. That figure goes down by $200k every year of the deal.