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Eagles Reddit AMA Today

The esteemed panel is yours truly, Brian Solomon of and NBC Philly, and the legendary Derek Sarley of the late IgglesBlog (yes, he's still alive). Check it out on

We'll be answering questions about the Eagles Almanac we just published, as well as just kind of shooting the ish about the Eagles, NFCE, or just football in general. All are welcome. Brian came up with the idea to publish this almanac way back in January, and he did an incredible job putting the whole thing together. I'm very proud of the finished product, and really just happy to be a part of this.

The Q & A technically starts at noon, but you can go over there now and fire off any questions or comments you may have. We'll try to get to all of them. I didn't have a Reddit username until a day ago, and found that it takes about 30 seconds to register and begin posting. See you there.