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The Linc - Dueling Donovan Opinions

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Is Donovan McNabb NFL Hall Of Fame Worthy? | Camel Clutch Blog
Donovan McNabb Belongs In The Hall Of Fame

Donovan McNabb: Looking Back at a Rotten Legacy | Football Nation
No wait, he sucks!

Cowboys tweet (backhanded) happy birthday wishes to Michael Vick, Eagles respond -
On Tuesday, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick celebrated his 32nd birthday. To commemorate the occasion, the division rival Cowboys sent along a congratulatory tweet. Predictably, the Eagles weren't impressed, but were more than happy to point out that, you know, Philly crushed Dallas last season. Twice.

Vick Explains Confidence In 2012 Eagles
Motivated. Excited. Focused. Those were the words that quarterback Michael Vick used to describe the mindset of the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles on the precipice of this year's Training Camp. Vick was in Aurora, Ohio to speak at the NFL's Rookie Symposium on Monday and he stopped by the NFL Network studio set on location afterwards to explain why he is so confident in this year's squad.

The 2012 Philadelphia Eagles Almanac

You're smarter than Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins fans. So why get your Eagles information from outdated preview magazines that waste space on all 32 teams?