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Can't Get Enough Chris Berman? You're In Luck!

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If you're one of those rare people who just can't get enough of ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown host Chris Berman, you're in luck. Not only will he be back for his 187th year as host of the pregame show, he'll now be calling games!

This coming NFL season, Berman will try something he's never done before ... call an NFL game. He and analyst Trent Dilfer have been assigned to the booth for the San Diego Chargers-Oakland Raiders game as part of ESPN's season-opening Monday Night Football doubleheader on September 10.

This is how weird this is. Berman won't even call the whole game, just the second half. However, he and Dilfer will call a full preseason game against the Cardinals and Titans to prepare.

Expect to gets lots of "rumblin' stumblin' bumblin'" and other Bermanisms that he's been using for the past 28 years.

That said, there's no way that Berman and Dilfer can be as bad as the time Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson were allowed to call that preseason game for FOX. Anyone remember that?