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Terrell Owens Exposes Himself On Skype

This is quite literally some hard journalism.

Terrell Owens, formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles and Allen Wranglers, has apparently been pretty busy on Skype as he tries to make his return to the NFL.

Here are some of the details from the story by Dan Gross on today:

T.O.'s Skype buddy said she met him on Twitter when she complimented his appearance and they began direct-messaging there before moving to Skype.

During their first Skype encounter, the woman claims, Owens was already naked and erect when the video call began. She estimates watching Owens pleasure himself on 10 separate occasions during which she denies exposing herself or talking dirty.

When reached for comment, Gross said that Owens did not deny it was him in the pictures, but did say "This is a case of extortion, this is a waste of my time and you're wasting your time because I have nothing to say"

If you want to see a picture, has one.

Needless to say, this is not going to help Owens in his attempt to make a comeback in the NFL. Can he still play? Absolutely. But given the distraction he brings with him everywhere he goes, it's hard to imagine a team would be willing to bring him on unless they are desperate for a wide receiver.

But if the whole NFL thing doesn't work out, maybe Owens can start a second career in online dating services.

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