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New BGN Reporter- Eliot Shorr-Parks

Writing a piece about myself- and letting you know I'm Eliot Shorr-Parks, a new writer for Bleeding Green Nation- is about is hard for me as it is for Nnamdi Asomugha to make a tackle in the open field.

So I'll start with this: What makes a reporter?

In today's sports world, with blogs most times more popular then newspapers, it's hard to say. Is it who the reporter writes for? Is it where his work is published? Is it access? Twitter followers? One of the best reporters in the area- Tim McManus- doesn't write for a paper. Does that make him any less of a reporter then Jeff McLane?

To most of the beat reporters in the area, the title seems to come with a high horse and a sarcastic attitude. To often reporters mock fans, laugh at their questions, and act like a pass around their neck makes them better then the people who pack the stands.

Not me. I cover the Eagles for you.

Because deep down, that is what the real job of any reporter is- to get the news to the fans that they want. To keep the fans updated, write about what they want to know, and uncover what the need to know. Any beat reporter deep down should know that they work for you.

For the past 3 seasons I have been a credentialed media member in the Eagles locker room, with my work being published on various publications and websites throughout the city. Here at Bleeding Green Nation, I hope to do the same thing I have been doing in the past- getting you the latest news, getting videos from the locker room, and providing in-depth pieces talking about the weeks issues.

Want to talk about a crazy trade scenario? Lets do it. Quick question you need a player to answer? Tweet me, and I'll try to get it answered. Ready to talk about next years draft already? I'm game. I look forward to talking about the Eagles all season with you, whether it be in the comments, on Twitter, or in an email.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter at @EliotShorrParks, as that is where I will be posting first all the latest news regarding the Eagles. Also feel free email me anytime at if you want to talk Eagles.

So there it is- a post about me. Hopefully it will be the last, and hopefully I didn't come off as unlikeable as Andy Reid- sorry, I meant the old Andy Reid. Not the new PR friendly Jeff Lurie creation.

Bleeding Green Nation. The biggest, best Eagles community in the city. I'm happy to be here.