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Eagles Hire Two Scouts, Also An Inside Look At NFL Scouting

The Eagles announced earlier this week that they've filled out the remainder of their scouting staff with the hiring of Greg Gabriel as senior college scout and Roger Pollard as an NFS (National Football Scouting) scout.

Gabriel is a 29-year NFL vet who ran the Bears college scouting department from 2001 to 2010. Prior to that, he worked for the Giants from 1985 to 2001, meaning he was around for 2 Super Bowls.

Roger Pollard was a college coach for many years before leaving to work for the Dolphins from 2003 to 2008. Most recently, he's worked for ESPN's "NFL Matchup Show."

Interesting thing that I bet you didn't know before. While Pollard was with the Dolphins he had BLESTO responsibilities. What is that? BLESTO is the NFL's first scouting organization and was created in 1963 by the Lions, Eagles and Steelers and at the time was known as LESTO (short for Lions, Eagles and Steelers Talent Organization). Later, the Bears joined and it became "BLESTO." The collective served all the teams included.

BLESTO still exists, but the Bears and Eagles have since left and the Bills, Jaguars & Dolphins joined. The Eagles now participate in an organization called "National Football Scouting" or NFS, which is where Pollard was assigned. NFS serves 18 teams.

Only 6 teams, (Ravens, Bears, Browns, Colts, Patriots and Raiders) do not belong to a scouting organization and rely totally on their in-house staff.