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With The Redskins, Atogwe Was Impressed With Eagles

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OJ Atogwe has the unique perspective of coming straight from a division rival to the Eagles. While the Eagles did struggle overall last year, one place they pretty much fired on all cylinders was in their division. The Eagles went 5-1 in NFC East games last year including sweeps of Dallas and Washington, 3 of which came in blowout fashion.

So it stands to reason that Atogwe comes in with a pretty high opinion of the Eagles, especially on offense.

"They are very talented. Everyone in the league can say that. Having played against them, you knew that they were a team that had potential for greatness. Their offense is very explosive and they don't have weaknesses anywhere, so they are always tough to game plan against and tough to defend."

Of course, the Eagles defense gave up less than 14 points in each game against the Redskins, so Atogwe was pretty impressed by that as well.

"Once I had the opportunity to maybe join them, I was excited because I just knew what they had on the offensive side of the ball as well as what they had on the defensive side of the ball. They played us tough both times we played them last year, and we weren't very effective against their defense. They had a very good defense as well as offense, everything just didn't come together until the end of the season which is why they didn't have as successful of a season as they wanted to. It seems we have the potential to do everything we have the desire to do this year. We just have to work on everything coming together at the same time."

If you only ever saw the Eagles play the Redskins last year, you may also think Kurt Coleman is the next Ed Reed!

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