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The Linc - Spags Compares Atogwe With Dawkins

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Steve Spagnuolo on Atogwe
"What I remember is every time he was on the football field, he was making a play," Spagnuolo said. "He has a knack for creating turnovers. You guys will see that. He’s one of those guys, and when I say this, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, the great ones in this league can tackle and punch the ball at the same time. They do it every time they tackle. No. 20 there in Philadelphia, Brian Dawkins, used to do it all the time, right until he finished in Denver, and O.J. does the same thing. He’ll create turnovers, he’ll make plays, and more than anything, he’s a great leader."

Atogwe eager to prove his prime hasn't passed
New Eagles safety O.J. Atogwe understands why there's a perception that he's on the decline, but he's anxious to show otherwise.

Manning could be Vick's turnover road map - NFC East Blog - ESPN
For the Philadelphia Eagles to succeed this year, quarterback Michael Vick must limit his turnovers and be more responsible with the ball than he was for most of last year. This is axiomatic, and I think we all feel the same way about it.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " Retro Notes
Paul Grasmanis – I loved Paul as a backup DT in the early Reid years. He was disruptive and productive. What caught me off guard is that he played here for 6 years. In the first 3, Paul played in 46 games and had 9.5 sacks, a good total for a backup DT. In the next 3 years, injuries were an issue and Paul played in just 8 games. Still, just being on the roster for 6 years is pretty impressive for a guy who was a grinder/oveachiever type.