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Michael Vick: "It's Going To Be A Football Summer"

The future is not on the right side of this picture: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE
The future is not on the right side of this picture: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Michael Vick may be barred from working on the field with the team under the terms of the new CBA, but that doesn't mean he's taking the rest of the summer off.

"It's going to be a football summer," Vick told's Ian Rappaport. "I got my DVDs. Whenever I have time, whenever I'm riding in a car or on the airplane, I'll make sure I pull it out and look at all the mistakes that I made. Not at all the good that I've done. Ya know, I know how to do good. Sometimes you don't know how to do wrong. So, I'm just trying to limit my mistakes and that's just trying to get better each and every snap."

There's been a few recent articles about Michael Vick "feeling the heat" or facing some type of "do or die" year. While I think there's an element of truth to that, I actually don't really see Vick's job in all that much jeopardy.

The reason for all the speculation about his future is that the bulk of the guaranteed money on his contract will be paid by the end of this season. So the thinking is that the Eagles could simply cut or trade him for a relatively small cap hit to avoid paying his high base salary in the later years of the deal.

While it's certainly possible that if he struggles this year that could happen, there's more to this than just money. Like... who is going to play QB in 2013 if Michael Vick is gone? There is no Kevin Kolb waiting in the wings anymore. There will be no Peyton Manning out there as a free agent next season. The Eagles are a team built to compete now, which means that going into the season without a viable starting QB is not acceptable.

Perhaps a guy like Nick Foles or even Mike Kafka have a future, but the team will be hard pressed to sell us on that future being next year. So barring a really terrible year or perhaps a major injury, I actually think Michael Vick's future here is relatively secure.